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The Full Story

About Mags

Ohhh the comeback is always so sweet!


Where to start?

These days I'm a Mama to a healthy and vibrant baby boy named Noah. 

I'm engaged to a tall handsome man I met over ten years ago at a house party. He was wearing leopard board shorts, we talked about aliens all night, and then never saw each other again for 8 years. We moved moved separately 1,000 miles away and reconnected in Florida where we made it official and started our family! 


The expansion of consciousness has been real and the awakening my family and I have experienced has been life changing! My faith in God has deepened tremendously and we are beyond blessed to have our mental and physical health that allows us to create a life we only dreamed of. 

I'm also a sister, daughter, published author, runner, sushi addict, a newly claimed gardener, a palm tree hugger, a truther, human rights activist, & mental health advocate. 

My story began when I was 16, and the seed was technically planted at age 6, although I like to believe it was lifetimes before then...


It all happened around the same time.

Within two years I lost complete control of my body.

I was really trying to grow out a bad haircut, grow in some boobs, and get my braces taken off. But I also reeeally didn’t feel good.

It was deep. I was having memories come up of my dad abusing me as a kid.

I told my mom I was depressed, and out came the script pad.

In not long I was prescribed 8 different meds a day. At 16 years old.

They made the depression a million times worse and I ended up self harming just to release some endorphins. And I started having really dark thoughts.

It was around the same time my OB told my mom that I would get cervical cancer if I didn’t get these s h o t s. There were 3 of them total.

If you know, you know. The injuries from jabs are real.

This was also around the same time that I was raped by a stranger.

All over the course of like 2 years. And no one was asking the right questions.

I left home at 17 because I wouldn’t survive another year of having those pills shoved down my throat. It was take them or move out, so I left.

I started working full time and reading about psychoneuroimmunology- the study of how our psyche has direct influence on our physical health.

There are countless studies to back this up. You know, science.

I learned that holding a grudge and not forgiving those who trespass against us puts us at a 80% higher chance of developing cardiovascular disease later in life.

And at that point I’d already been on a handful of heart monitors and would be for the next 2+ decades. Again, if you know, you know.

I was always curious about natural healing. It was a total intuitive experience to know that I could heal myself, I just needed to be in the right environment.

I just needed nutrients. To be heard. To heal.

I knew there was a much better way, but the adults in the white jackets said otherwise. And never REALLY spoke to me about what happened.

Through my healing journey, a lot of people told me I should get into nursing.

And it never sat right with me. This is nothing against nurses or doctors. Obviously there’s a time and a place. I stand with you these days for medical freedom.

Because what we see in the medical field right now is something I intuitively knew would happen 2 decades ago.

No bio-individual approach. A blanket approach to treating the symptoms.

Bandaids without getting to the root of the inflammation, procrastination, or dis-ease in the body. Tons of side affects, some worse than the problem itself.

Pharmaceuticals are powerful, but so is nature.

So is going back to the periodic table of elements to heal.

So is faith.

Five years ago I went back to school when my calling was placed in front of me.

I became an integrative nutrition coach and healed myself on deeper levels than I ever thought were possible!!

I learned how to integrate diet, habits, subconscious perspective shifts, and energy healing to re-create myself into the woman my soul always told me I’d be.

I always knew, I just didn’t know how.

And then the how presented itself.

I survived that which I thought I wouldn’t, somehow. This would be my work in the world.

This work can lead you to your soul’s calling. I get to witness it in my clients as they transform over months and years.

When I hired my first coach, I ended up in places around the world a poor girl from the hood with abusive parents definitely didn’t belong.

The first retreat I went on was in Paris. To put into perspective the power of manifestation- almost 4 years later to the day, I was back in Paris on the same retreat with the same Coach, but this time James came as the chef for the week and PROPOSED!!! 

I realized that abundance is available to all of us no matter our background, our parents, our skin color. We just need to remove the belief that’s telling us we don’t deserve that blessing because -insert self doubt programming here-.

You create and receive what you believe is possible for you.

Realizing you have all of the power you’re praying for already changes everything. It’s a matter of harnessing the energy, harnessing the FEELING of KNOWING.

The body is the most advanced bio-chemical computer on the face of the planet. 

It is always trying to get back into a state of self healing.

That’s what it was designed to do. Heal.

Every function fits into another one, everything is connected and works in harmony.

Seriously, we are walking limitless MIRACLES!!!

So everything we consume through our ears, eyes, mouth, and mindset is either healing us or making us more sick.


I moved 1,000 miles away to my dream town and 3 months later reconnected with a guy I'd met 8 years prior, fell in love, got engaged & pregnant within the next 2 months, and six months after that C*vid came into the picture and sent a DEEP spiritual awakening into my life.

Postpartum depression being 1,000 miles away from family with no help was a wake up call. 

Ok, WHAT?! 

I had a whole PLAN.... 

But if you every want to make God laugh- Make plans! 

Within a short period of time I became a self owned business owner, mom, wife, with this family and I still had deep mother and family wounds to heal through. 

I knew because there wouLd be times of resistance- you know those times. 

Where it's hard to stop working your business and put the computer down and just BE.


Where it's hard to open the computer because you want to just BE. 

When no one's hearing you and you're petrified to admit you can;'t handle it all. 

Well, Mama, YOU CAN! 

 If I can do it, you can too! the last couple of years has inspired me to shift my coaching business to create what I know the world needs.  

I truly believe that self responsibility could save the world.

With curiosity, not judgement. With love and nourishment.

With what the body needs to do the job it was designed to do.

It’s time to get back to nature, acceptance, forgiveness, and abundance mindset!!

I have watched it save so many lives, my own included. 

Let’s set up a quick chat to see how I can help you catapult into YOUR next chapter!


Our mission is to expand the consciousness of women and lay a moral foundation of self trust, self acceptance, and emotional resilience so women can show up and balance their lives with confidence! Some topics we focus on are nutrition, lifestyle, emotional coding, and subconscious perspective. We heal physically by healing emotionally and energetically. Together we remove mindset blocks that are holding you back from receiving your birthright of abundance and reprogram your emotional coding so life feels less like a burden and more like a blessing. As soon as you belive that it is and shift into an energy of surrender & trust, I promise you it will start to look like one too!


I envision women and mothers unafraid of showing up apologetically and OWNING WHO THEY ARE! When we get super intentional about our goals, our health, and creating a career and family structure that allows us to thrive consciously and emotionally, we heal ourselves and inspire others to do the same in their lives.  I truly believe that self responsibility would save the world, and we can create that change we wish to see when we're MINDFUL in every super small seemingly insignificant decision we make every single day. The small choices add up to the big picture, that is where our power lies. 

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