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The Mindful Mama Meditation App:
Giving Mothers of our World the space in time to pour into themselves...

The Mindful Mama App is an experience like no other! It's a time and place for overwhelmed women to release their fears, reduce their anxiety, and pour IN TO THEM! 

The Mindful Mama app includes a FREE subscription to a library of Guided Activation Meditations, as well as upgrade options, Monthly Subscription Plans, and additional Masterclasses and Courses, including my Signature Program, magnet for Miracles! 

Upgrade to receive UNLIMITED meditations for just $33 a month and keep your eyes & heart open for new programs and courses as they are added! 


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Giving Mamas Time for Mindfulness! 

Simple Plans

Enjoy a membership with access to a library of TEN FREE meditations


Upgrade for all of that PLUS NEW Monthly Activation Meditations FOR JUST $33 A MONTH!

Courses & Masterclasses

Enjoy signature Courses and Masterclasses for Purchase! 

Receive 2 Masterclasses every Month and Library of Activation Meditations for just $77! 

Community Support

Track your anxiety levels, Post questions and Aha moments, Share your wins! 

Download the app now!

-Go to the Apple or Google App store

-Download the App

-Search "Mindful Mama", by Maggie McHatton

Register and join into whatever Monthly Subscription Plan, Masterclass, or Course calls to you!


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