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This is your time to expand into your higher self and live life more fully, more present, & more confident! 

During this magic carpet ride, we discover what blocks you are ready to move to take your life to the next level! Together we go through a process of acknowledging, identifying, rediscovering, releasing the old, receiving the new in safety while recalibrating our energy and nervous system to our next level. 


You are also held through the IMPLEMENTATION phase. Because if you implemented everything you knew, you'd be UNSTOPPABLE! 


So together we create a strategic framework with intention from a newfound lens of peace, empowerment, discipline (one of the purest forms of self love) and connection to the Divine within us.


This is a program that affectively integrates mindset, energy, and strategy in a way is understandable and breaks it down in small digestible trainings over 4 weeks. Magnet for Miracles is a portal to deeper self-awareness and self-mastery that creates a foundational framework of self trust and emotional resilience to lead you to make the moves that are on your heart in confidence! 


It is a series of tools that help you get clear and confident in your next moves, while also leaving space for serendipities, flow, grace, and faith that everything that is meant for us will come in perfect timing.


Until then, we can learn how to master our momentum, make room for miracles, get grounded in our beliefs, and show up in full trust in both ourselves and whatever life has in store for us! 



What You Receive:

-4 Week Digital Mastermind Course with over 15 Hours of Content

- Library of Activation Meditations 

-Community support within the App and Facebook Group

-50+ Page Downloadable E-Book, The Perspective Shift Playbook, with prompts and perspective shifts to help you gain clarity and self awareness 

-Monthly Live Group Coaching Q&A Zoom Calls

All for $449


Click here for Exclusive Access to Register in Magnet for Miracles! 


Cheers to running towards your next chapter. We're not going for perfect here, just brave...

See you soon, Mindful Mama!

Mags, Xo 



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What the Mamas are saying...

"This program is f*cking killer! You are a miracle worker!" -Karen


"I started Magnet for Miracles and coaching with my friend Mags this past week and you guys so much stuff came up! I started for business but so much came up in other areas as well! Mindset and energy has so much to do with it.  I am grateful for Mags she is amazing! If you're ready to do the inner work I recommend checking her out!"- Heather

"I honestly can’t wait for our 1:1! I’m still working through your trainings. Such amazing information you’ve provided, I’m blown away! You are genuinely so pure and what you’re teaching is *chefs kiss* so glad I invested!" -Sierra

*Disclaimer: This information is not to be used to treat or diagnose any illness. 

Return/Cancellation Policy:
Refunds are not available and chargebacks are prohibited after purchase of services. If client wishes to discontinue receiving the agreed upon coaching, any remaining balance will still be due, and client will be responsible for completing the original payment agreement.

Join us in
Magnet for Miracles!

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