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Welcome to Mind Body Bliss!

You have just entered your CATALYST- HOW DO YOU FEEL!?

Who are you willing to be?

What are you willing to do differently?

I'm Maggie Morrison, Integrative Health & Nervous System Coach for Moms and I'm here to support women and mothers who want to feel and experience more out of life but can't find the energy to make the necessary changes.

We are here to prove to you that your exhaustion is NOT permanent.

I know you're tired of feeling stuck.

And I know there is more out there for you, I know you feel it.

But you may feel afraid of judgement, failure, or even success..


Mindful Mama's Mission

Is to help ambitious women and moms reduce anxiety, overwhelm, & procrastination and gain clarity, confidence, and strategies that help them feel more balanced and in control of their life and their family. 

At Mindful Mama we believe that self care is how you take your power back, and that self responsibility would save the world. 

When women and mothers retire the narrative we've been programmed to believe that says being selfish is a bad thing and realize that being selfish is the most selfLESS thing you can do because taking care of yourself enables you to SHOW UP FULLY FOR THOSE WHO NEED YOU, we're onto something... 

When we can detach from guilt & judgement and remove the toxic perspectives, products, & patterns that keep us feeling stuck, unhealthy, and procrastinating on our goals, we've unlocked a whole new level of freedom. 


Mindful Mama Coaching's vision is to inform, empower, and lead ambitious women to create radical positive change in their mindset, energy, and actions so they can get themselves unstuck & intentionally create the life of their dreams with confidence & clarity!

Psychoneuroimmunology tells us that our belief changes our biology. We also know that our perspective of what's possible for us will affect not just the outcome we unconsciously create or don't create but will also influence our short- and long-term health and overall resilience to challenges. 


 We do this with an Integrative, full person approach to mind, body, soul healing that uses Meditation, NLP, EFT, Healthy Habit Forming & Stress Management Techniques, Breathwork, Integration Accountability, Non-Toxic Lifestyle Products & Bio-Individualized Supplementation, Nutrition, and more!

These are offered in the form of Private Coaching, Consulting, & Mentorship, Group Coaching, E-Books, Masterminds, Digital Courses, Guided Meditations, a Non-Toxic Lifestyle/Beauty Product/& Supplement Line, and a favorite of all my clients and followers- The Mindful Mama Meditation & Lifestyle App!

Destination Retreats COMING SPRING 2023!



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I'm Maggie McHatton, Owner of Mindful Mama Coaching

 I am an Integrative Nutrition & Mindset Coach helping women end the cycle of self-doubt, procrastination, & overwhelm so they can stop repelling their blessings and receive them in clarity & confidence! 

I'm a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) and received my Certificate in Integrative Nutrition Coaching as well as Behavioral Change in Adults & Nutrition through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am a certified Meditation Teacher and Certified in Kundalini Yoga. 

I'm a Mom, Wife, published author, business owner, daughter, sister, friend, traveler, coach, runner, palm tree hugger, and all about non-toxic people, places, & perspectives.

I've been studying psychoneuroimmunology since I was 16 and functional & holistic healing for a decade and a half now. I am living proof for my clients that belief changes biology.. and I'm here to show you how you can heal yourself emotionally, energetically, and physically with an integrative and bio-individual full person approach. ! 

Above all of that, I'm someone's Mom. 

And I'm here to change the narrative of what balancing personal, mom, and professional life and getting healthy & living limitless looks & feels like for those of us who tend to put everyone else first. It doesn't have to be difficult, complicated, or feel like a burden. 

Actually, let's break it down and make it realy f*cking simple and give our nervous systems a rest, eyy? 

Healthy Mindful Mamas means healthy babies. families, and future generations. 

You don't HAVE to get up, make moves, believe in yourself, eat clean, love your body, boost your immune system and detox abilities. 


Health gets to be a blessing and we get to integrate it into our lives in the smallest yet mighty ways!

We get to escape the matrix victim narrative by becoming our own best advocates and healers. 

Contrary to popular belief, being selfish is the most selfLESS thing you can do! 

The world benefits from your vision, creativity, intelligence, energy, presence, compassion, & power. 

But without boundaries and not taking the time to check in with ourselves, we can quickly feel overworked, overwhelmed, and resentful.

It lowers our vibration and thus mental & physical health over time. Yes, energy has everything to do with your mental & physical health. Everything is energy! 

If you're hungry to break the guilt/procrastination cycle & elevate your Energy, Strategy, & Belief, then you're exactly where you're meant to be!


My clients shift internally, externally, & energetically, and embrace opportunities with confidence after just one session

Are you procrastinating more than your normal?

Feeling stuck, unfocused, afraid to use your voice?

Worried about what she needs, what he thinks, or what they'll say?

Feeling like you need 12 arms to check everything off the list before you can take a minute to yourself? 

Us type A people pleasing moms want to be the perfect partner, parent, and professional.


All while washing our hair often enough to not have to put our organic anti-aging dry shampoo on auto ship every month, and while totally ignoring that voice in our heads wondering what everyone else thinks or needs. 

Shift your inner self talk so it is simply curious and loving vs judgmental. 

So, if you came here to upgrade your consciousness & confidence,

you've found your new home!

Mindful Mama is helping women re-ignite their productivity, passion & health! 

Here at Mindful Mama we teach manifestation and living the life of your dreams with a 3 Focus Process: Mindset, Energy, & Lifestyle. 

Because you can't have one without the other. Not if you want to change the entire trajectory of your life in ways in which you'll never be the same. 

It's an integrative approach that meets clients where they are and helps them become intentional in every element of life in a way that is graceful, patient, and bio-individualized vs overwhelming and surface level. 

Our approach successfully bridges the gap between mindset, energy healing, strategy, & nutrition. 

Because we all know you can't motivational quote your way back to a healthy relationship, losing 20 pounds, or creating a six figure business. 

You also can't strategize soul healing.. 

Your nervous system doesn't need another inspiring quote- it needs a series of events intentionally created that instill trust and safety within you. 

We start off by taking a look at your habits and actions. If you've got big vision but little energy to DO the things you know you need to do, that tells us there are subconscious blocks. 

We remove the block, and then take the time to intentionally implement the life you desire. 

We walk step by step into embodying and becoming the woman you know you were put here to be. 

Together we lay the foundation of self trust & emotional resilience while removing any narrative that's causing you to settle for less than what you're capable of. 

You have to DO, trust, and BElieve, and get your energy and values behind what it is you're doing. 

Your perspective of what's possible for you leads your actions, and also has direct connection to your immune system and physical health. Emotions hold energies hostage within our body. Resentment and anger will block your wealth flow. 

Let's fix that.


We are complex, integrative beings and our health journey and transformation get's to be individualized, seeing us as the entire person we are, mind, body, & spirit.

Self responsibility will save the world. When we make the time to tune in and get intentional about our health, goals, relationships, and outcomes we want to create, we approach the world with a different energy that in turn helps heal it. Together we can prevent future generations from giving away their power and settling for a life less than their full potential! 

We can only attract what our energetic ceiling allows us to attract & receive. 

So let's upgrade your energy, strategy, & belief and make you a

Magnet for Miracles! 


I don’t decide your readiness: YOUR SOUL & NERVOUS SYSTEM DO

IF YOU ARE WILLING TO LOVE YOURSELF DEEPER THAN YOUR DOUBTS, you are exactly where you are meant to be!

-If you are ready to break the chains from your past and fully move forward 


-If you are ready to do things differently to create an outcome you’ve never seen before 


-If you have a curiosity about mind body healing and nervous system regulation and want to take it as well as your self awareness & mastery journey to the next level  


-If feeling stuck, overwhelmed, distracted, and judgmental of yourself has become your new normal 


-You crave a deeper, vulnerable, honest, loving relationship with yourself and the people in your life 


-Your body needs to get emotionally regulated, calmer, and healthier overall and you want to learn how to activate your body’s natural ability to heal itself 


-If your dreams don’t have time to waste because the people you are here to serve are praying for the solution you have! 


-If you are in the first few years of business and need strategies that align with how you are personally designed 


-If your family dynamic needs love and change and you know it starts with you 


-If you are looking for a more integrative and holistic approach to mental health 


-If you are willing to bet on yourself and dive into a safe compassionate, judgment free space to decide & declare what it is you want without limits, and be held accountable to the action steps required to get there    


-If you know that money comes and goes, and mentorship saves you your most valuable resource: Your TIME 


-If you know that past programs are ready to be released so you can step into the next phase of your evolution and healing journey! 


-If you are ready to stop playing the same subconscious movie: Recognize but not sit in your shadows. Here we recognize and spend more time letting go, forgiving, clearing, redefining, activating the parasympathetic system, taking the old tattoos off your forehead, and making moves forward accordingly in a way that will save you years in a matter of months or weeks. 


We will focus on: Mindset, Lifestyle, Family, Relationships, Nutrition, & Business for my entrepreneurs 


You will learn new tools to rewire your mind & body including: Meditation, Breathwork, EFT Tapping, Nervous system regulation, Vagus Nerve activation, and the Mind Body Bliss Method you will only find here


NO, you don’t have to be a mom 


No, you don’t have to have all of your ducks in a row or be “perfect” 


Yup, some things are meant to be experienced vs explained- saying yes to this is a total go with your gut heart felt experience! 


I love giving women the platform to practice taking chances and feeling LIBERATED by it! 


You are welcomed to come into my space real, raw, elbows on the table, egos aside, and have an authentic evolutionary experience to take you back to health, happiness, clarity, and confidence- the you that you thought you lost is still in there, I promise  


Mind Body Bliss is a unique healing method I have personally created and used to create success within my own life and in clients lives before it was given a name


Together, we implement the tools too intentionally create your personalized version of Mind Body Bliss that aligns with your future vision and what your soul is craving!


Sound good? 





-Identifying your core subconscious pattering— Your self-protective parts: these are parts that are trying to keep you safe based off of perceived threats, especially perceived threats from your subconscious that it may not know are actually over with and over. Our self protective parts are also known as our triggers or our self-sabotage habits


- Coping mechanisms, emotional regulation and vague nerve activation exercises. We will identify the ways in which your Nervous system felt it was safest to cope and try to regulate or disconnect from self when it experienced a stressor or perceived threat


-How to see your self protective parts and bring them the safety they need to stop trying to protect you in the present


-Guidance as to how to support your nervous system moving forward to help you get to where you desire to be


-Reframing, refining, and a ton of new awareness


-Forgiving and Accepting all of you. Activating your body’s natural ability to heal itself


-Liberating all of your emotions by unlocking unconditional self love and expanding your capacity to hold all life is asking you to


-Embodiment of your vision


-DNA & Vagus Nerve Activation, improved digestion, lower inflammation, less anxiety, more Mind Body Bliss!


-Clear Action steps to integrate in both the short & long term

*Disclaimer: This information is not to be used to treat or diagnose any illness. Coaching is not to be taken as medical advice. Please consult your provider in regards to best possible treatment options for you. 

"This is definitely not just another surface level Mindset course... this takes it to the NEXT LEVEL and has me feeling UNSTOPPABLE!" 

Have you ever set a big goal, launched a business, wanted to improve your health or set a weight loss goal, even take on new profound chapters in life like starting a family or marriage but felt stuck in indecisiveness, hesitation, procrastination, or freeze mode? 


When I started coaching five years ago I started in weight loss- a huge market and I was getting my feet wet in the industry.

I had a client that had a repeating pattern of yo-yo dieting. After a few sessions I discovered that she hadn't dealt with the loss of her father and would binge eat her father's favorite doughnut and keep herself distracted with work and the kids. 

Very quickly I realized mindset was the root of success. It is the root of everything we create and allow to manifest within our reality. 

So when I see motivated women set big goals, I also see them skip a crucial first set of steps sometimes. 

Self awareness. 

It's the key to confidence. Knowing your faults so you don't take your failures personally and make them mean something about your worth. The ability to detach your worth from the outcome that you've seen so far will make you unstoppable! 

But many take on big feats because just that in of itself gives us a hit of dopamine and validation without even making a move. The though and intention alone makes us feel good. 

So most people just stop there. Without execution and creation. Without dropping judgement of themselves and learning how to trust themselves, take risks, pivot, and be creative. 

Then in the future they find themselves sabotaging themselves, procrastinating, eating foods that aren't healthy, not making the moves they know they need to make. 

So where does procrastination and resistance come from? 

Well, we will never out perform our personal subconscious belief in ourself. We will always outperform the last version of ourselves when we believe that our belief system is our only limit. 

Our subconscious mind drives 95-99% of our actions- so it's time we talked about it and the power it holds to unlock new healthy habits that ignite radical positive change in your life! 

It's literally the root of who we are, why we do the things we do, and what we believe is possible for us and thus, how much success and abundance we will unconsciously allow ourselves to receive. 

When we can get really good at holding belief in something we can't see just yet, but can feel, we can make anything happen! 

Many people declare a big goal and feel resistance after a certain amount of time, or until they hit a certain rank or glass ceiling. We all have our threshold- how good are you willing to let it get?


I see this is when people start procrastinating because they depended on feeling motivated to make the moves they needed to make. 

What if you had the tools to know how to identify your subconscious mindset blocks so you could release and redefine your possibilities and take confident actions?

What if you felt more at peace, grounded, clear, and centered throughout your days? Would you feel more equipped to balance all of the things on your plate, Mama? 

The happiness and abundance we create in our lives starts with an internal shift. 

A decision within ourselves to change everything from this decision forward. 

Magnet for Miracles is a Four Week Digital Course consisting of video trainings, a 50+ page E-Book with journal prompts, activation meditations, and more.

This course will help you uncover your mindset, energy, & strategy blocks that are holding you back from taking the actions that move the needle forward for you. In this digital course, you will learn the tools to recognize the root cause & narrative that keeps you feeling stuck & enslaved vs empowered and alive and rewire your subconscious to install a positive belief that ignites radical positive change within your internal and external world! 


The goal is to not just remove and release the beliefs that keep you playing small, but you will learn multiple modalities and approaches to rewire your subconscious mind in ways that last. Magnet for Miracles will shift your perception of what's possible for you, remove stagnant energy from your body, and give you the tools to overcome procrastination & self-doubt in an integrative and effective way so you see radical positive change in our life, health, relationship with yourself and others, and perception of what's possible for you!


You will be empowered to speak LIFE into your future, become the woman who will make your dreams happen for you! 


You will be encouraged to activate the wealth creator within you! Whatever that looks and FEELS like to you! 


You will shift internally and permeate in gratitude so your energy gives permission to Source to give you more to be grateful for! You will be a magnet for miracles and every day feel appreciation for even the little things, including feeling safe and grounded in your body. 

Upon joining the course, you will also have access to a library of activation meditations within the Mindful Mama app where you can track your progress and access your 50+ Page workbook- The Perspective Shift Playbook, full of prompts & perspective shifts to keep the aha moments coming!

The course itself includes over 15 hours of video content for you to go through at your own pace. There are 20 video trainings lasting 20-60 minutes long and may also include a guided activation meditation, PDF for reference, or step by step instructions via text. 


We would love to invite you to join us in this movement that is giving so many women and mothers space for self-care, self awareness, self discovery, and intentionally deciding what kind of life they are creating while here. 

Thank you for being here, Mindful Mama!

I know you're here because you are hungry for more. This is your time and space to decide & declare what it is you want- without limits! 


The suffering stops with you, it's time to pave a new way of possibility for our children and the future of our world! There's no stopping a Mindful Mama aligned with and lit up about what she was put here on this planet to do. I see your fire- You've got this! Discover how YOU are designed to elevate and experience life, and you can never fail- Because it is FOR YOU!
Mags, Xo

Magnet for Miracles

Dive into the Mindful Mama App & Join my signature course, Magnet for Miracles to remove your deepest mindset blocks with clarity and make bold moves towards your future with confidence! 

Join us in the Mindful Mama App
PLUS Digital Courses, Brain Hacks, & Stress Management Techniques that will help you TRANSFORM YOUR DAY IN TEN MINUTES!


Tune in to this fantastic interview with
Doctor Sue Cornbluth

In this episode of the Doctor Sue & You Show, we talk all things mindset, energy, & belief and what strategies Mindful Mamas can use to find their balance in the midst of temporary chaos. 
Take a listen- I would love to hear what value you gain from this interview!



"McHatton's Make it Happen!"


I'm Maggie, aka: Noah's Mama.

I'm your Mindset & Integrative Nutrition Coach and the Owner of Mindful Mama: A revolution focused on giving busy, people pleasing Mamas the time and space to pour into themselves with intention. 

My job is to remind you that honoring your boundaries is not selfish and that you become a magnet for the things you want when you fully step into your power! 

I'm a mom, fiance, published author, human rights & mental health advocate, sushi extraordinaire, & palmtree hugger. Non-toxic products, people, and perspectives is what we're all about in my world! 

Oh, and I can teach out how to transform your day in 10 mins, if that's all you have.

Together we establish micro habits, perspective shifts, energetic DNA activations, and I give you tools & nutritional guidance to nurture your body & intuition and reach new heights! 

I am a graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, behavioral change specialist, and certified in Nutrition through the Academy of Sports Medicine, and I have been a volunteer for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention since 2014. 


My journey to health coaching started longer than half of my life ago... But that's a story for another place in this site. 

I just want to say I'm grateful that you're here and I hope being in the Mindful Mama energy & world gives you some value, hope, and inspiration and I cannot wait to connect with you! 

Disclaimer: This information is not to be used to treat or diagnose any illness. 

Return/Cancellation Policy:
Refunds are not available and chargebacks are prohibited after purchase of services. If client wishes to discontinue receiving the agreed upon coaching, any remaining balance will still be due, and client will be responsible for completing the original payment agreement.

The Pen Is In Your Hands Now; It's Time To Write  The Next Chapter In
Your Own Words...


"Working with Maggie for the four weeks of personal coaching set momentum in life!  It's hard to adequately put into words how much she's helped.  She planted seeds that helped me see my worth, strength, and vision of the future!!  I am beyond grateful for her presence and unique support in my life!" Kira

"There are so many wonderful things I could say about Maggie! Let me attempt to put into words the beautiful transformation that was brought on by working with her.... When I met Maggie, I was a different human. Angry, sad, depressed, overall an unhealthy, UNBALANCED, lost mess. She helped me to find the confidence in myself (through a series of exercises) to take on my day with grace and learn to balance all the tasks (or to do's). She listens- like REALLY listens so she can help you find the root of the issues, and work through them together. If you are on the fence, please know this work is worth it. I am now working full time, being mom full time, being wife full time, being a god loving woman full time, GIVING THANKS FULL TIME, and starting a part time school program to reach the goals I have! Thank you, Maggie! Without you pouring into me, I would have continued to lose myself in the abyss of false security I made myself believe in. Thank you a million times for showing me the FREEDOM from these chains of my past!!" -Adrienne 

“Working with Mags is always such an honor. She digs deep into your core to assist you in taking those steps to switch your mindset into a safer, more loving space so you can grow into your fullest potential. She’s a rock crusher. She takes a seemingly large issue and manages to break it down into smaller, more digestible chunks and gives you the blueprint to do it yourself. She reminds you of your worth and gives you the tools to continue showing up a lighter, healing, and healthier version of yourself on your way to your highest and best self. It’s an honor to call this Goddess my friend and to be able to work with her is a gift from God.” Karen

Long Term Benefit Potential: "Bought five acres, getting married next October and kids shortly after! Remember when I used to have no idea where my life was going a few years ago and you reassured me everything would fall into place? Well the "woo woo" magic is real, it's all happening!" Michelle 

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