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THIS saved my business... and everything else...

THIS saved my business- I almost gave up on my business... for the 18th time... No matter where you are in your business- we all want to quit- more often than people admit. And a disclaimer not many admit either- no one knows what they’re doing, we’re all figuring it out as we go, asking for help, learning, putting our ego aside, doing it scared, being really uncomfortable, seeing what works and what doesn’t work, hardly feeling ready, and making decisions that honor where we want to go long term vs what gives us instant gratification. We just hide it well It’s not easy. Anyone telling you it is either isn’t really where they say they are or is just trying to line their own pockets. You see that in the MLM world all of the time So what saved my business? Taking a step back- When our words started to be silenced for simply showing up and educating as health coaches, it was very triggering for me. I was also navigating postpartum depression and healing deep mother, father, and family wounds at the time. So just like years ago when I told people about abuse I’d experienced and everyone silenced me saying I was a liar, when I saw proper treatments were being silenced and the treatment that was being suggested was making people worse, I felt called to speak out as someone who has studied preventative lifestyle for longer than half my life. So when the silencing started, I decided to get off the screen and get boots on the ground. I helped open up a functional clinic that helped people reverse diabetes & chronic disease without meds. It was a dream job, just the people in charge weren’t mission aligned. So I learned everything I could, and jumped back into my own game. This time different. Wiser. More experienced. Red pilled on a whole new level. Exposed to the corruption of our sick care system with a new fire under my a**. I went in full force into Mindful Mama and haven’t looked back- Mindful Mama has only grown, evolved, and we are setting the foundations she always deserved. I deleted a social media account with over 3k people, mostly coaches… And I’ll tell you why. Because they all always contradicted each other. Shit talked each other. Everyone’s strategy was the best one. When in reality what we teach isn’t right or wrong, everyone is designed differently. Marketing shifted from inspiring people to make a move towards their growth to shit talking other people to prop up their program and say why everyone else’s approach to individual transformation is wrong. I couldn’t take it anymore. Too much noise. No integrity. No leadership. So I took another step “back” as some would perceive, and my business is now doing better than ever!! Because I started doing what feels good to ME. I cut out the noise. Some people will say a website is a waste of time. I freaking LOVE my website!!! It’s built from scratch- all done by me! I learned SO much to get it solid and makes transactions with clients and customers a breeze! It allows people to purchase meditations, eBooks, digital courses, and consultations for 1:1 coaching without me having to lift a finger or someone waiting on me. I love it! Plus my email list belongs to ME, not the social media weirdos My website has a blog which I’m excited to launch next week- a long time writer at heart, I know social media has shifted into ”less is better”, but I still know there are hearts out there that enjoy taking the time to lose their self in words and immerse themselves in the emotional shift words have the power to spark. Some people say you need a huge social media following. Nope. Some people will say you need to run a business on social media to scale. That’s not true either. It’s not entrepreneurship that gives you freedom. It’s a framework, systems, strategies, beliefs, energy, and discipline that create freedom. When you have a mission and will do anything to get to that FEELING, VISION, FREEDOM, you’re willing to push through the moments of being uncomfortable. Maybe what you’re doing isn’t working because in order to create something you never have, you need to BE someone you never have before DOING things that you’ve never tried before. I did have 7 years of business background running million dollar restaurants before starting my own coaching business, so I knew where my strengths were and I knew the lens I was coming from. And I knew I had a huge learning curve when it came to running an online coaching business. As a student, you don’t know what you don’t know. But you know what feels good to you, what is aligned with your values, what lights you up, and what has NOT worked in the past. What will help you achieve your goals? Going for them in a way that YOU are personally genetically designed to make them happen! Self awareness is the key to confidence. Know how you are designed, what narrative your perception is created from, what are your strengths and weaknesses, where you need more organized structure, what areas of your life you are more susceptible to taking on others beliefs and doubts even if they’re not your own. Self mastery is the answer to you achieving your goals. You’re not meant to do it anyone else’s way, Mama! You’re here to carve your own lane, decide what beliefs you’re subscribing to, set your own standards, own your story and write the next chapters in your own words. You get to decide what the road to that looks like, how you manage your definition of what failure even means, when you pivot, and how it feels along the way. What makes you a magnet for miracles? Redefining YOUR WAY. Laying the framework in your beliefs, energy, & strategy. Most people will try to achieve a dream being who they are now, but that’s skipping a step… We deserve to first lay the foundation of self trust, emotional resilience, and self mastery so we actually implement what we know without fear of rejection, failure, or even fear of success. Remove the root cause of our self doubt and procrastination and redefine our subconscious narrative around our capability to live a limitless life without drama. Detach ourselves from our old addictions, ways of thinking, and past versions of ourself that run the show out of lack of validation. So we run our show not from our ego, but from our soul. We align on our mission in a way that removes our resistance and opens up our energy field for synchronicities, connections, and miracles. We decide who we are willing to be, and a powerful force aligns miracles up for you and equips you with the tools what will help you build. Build, and then show up in integrity, gratitude, and embodiment. Because there is no disconnect between you and your business, you and who you are as a mother, professional, partner. They are all an extension of you because you are at peace with your core. You’ve come home to yourself and realigned with your purpose in this lifetime. Then, everything seems to fall into place. We realize how much harder we were making it with all the noise. And we realize how much self mastery is the foundation to creating anything and everything we want & desire in life! So go have fun failing, pivoting, redefining, growing, and seeing what works for YOU! Integrate a happy mix of mindset, energy, and strategy you can get your heart behind. Isn’t that what we’re all here to do, anyway?

Happy Monday, Mindful Mamas!

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