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Business Builder Framework E-Book for New Entrepreneurs

Business Builder Framework E-Book for New Entrepreneurs

Set the framework of your business up for success with this Business Framework EBook!


This workbook is for the new entrepreneur who has a calling for serving others but doesn't know exactly how to monetize from your gifts (yet)! 


The questions in the Business Builder Framework will help you get clear on your message and who you're speaking to in your marketing, lay down your why and your roots into why YOU are the right person and the one to bring your work & service out into the world! 


It also includes tips and strategies for lead generation, lead management, positioning, and owning YOUR personal story of resilience, not someone else's. 


If you want more money, well, money needs a physical means to come into you through, now doesnt it? Let's dive in! 


Set your business up for success with your energy, stretegy, & belief aligned with the business of your dreams that serves a purpose and solution for the world!


After diving in and implementing the perspective shifts, clarity, and strategies, you will feel like you just took a business course! I can't wait to witness your business grow as you SHINE your light! 


Disclaimer: This information is not to be used to treat or diagnose any illness. 


Return/Cancellation Policy:
Refunds are not available and chargebacks are prohibited after purchase of services.  Funds are not refundable but are transferrable. 

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