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Call in Love Meditation

Call in Love Meditation

If we want to step into a life that truly lights us up, we need to have the fundamental building blocks of loving ourselves, just as we are now. From self- love, we can distinguish what our soul truly desires and create a life that makes us happy- Not just one that we see everyone else wanting or having. 


Here is the thing: The love you desire is available, but you may not be setting yourself up for it.


Whether you are in a relationship or not, you may be living in a state of disappointment and discontent and perpetuating patterns that create more and more of what you do not want.


  • You may be judging TF out of potential love interests or your partner (instead of focusing on getting to know their heart while sharing yours).
  • You may be coming at each interaction with an agenda, with a deep wound, or to receive the validation you aren’t giving yourself (as opposed to coming into the situation full and happy within yourself).
  • You may be avoiding deep love and intimacy in your relationship with yourself. You may not be a safe space for your own heart, emotions, and fears — much less a space that is safe for another to come home to.


It’s time to love the absolute sh*t out of yourself so that it’s easy to recognize, allow in, and actually feel the love from those who desire to love the absolute sh*t out of you, too.


It’s time to show up for yourself more, love yourself more, accept yourself more.


It’s time to get closer to yourself and become a safe space for love from yourself. (From there, you can let some big love in.)


You can create a deep connection with another. You can let him/her love you and really, really feel it.


You can be a space to have, hold, give, receive, and be love.


You can show up as the queen, the catch, the prize and the whole damn vibe. And your king/queen will love to meet you there and create a whole new cycle and pattern with you of endless, overflowing amounts of incredible love.


Because you were made to have it all.


You can transform the relationship you are currently in, rearrange the situation and dynamics that are driving you nuts with someone you want to be with, or call in someone new completely. 


Dive in, Listen in, & Enjoy! 

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